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We girls know when we are ‘out & about’ either meetings friends in a restaurant or having a few drinks after work, there is never a place to put our new handbag. Usually what happens after the obligatory air kisses and ‘Oh my god is that the new Fendi?’, is that our prized new handbags with all our personals end up on the dirty floor or at best between our legs or hanging on the back of the chair.

Now after another ‘Cosmo’ or two, our handbags inevitably end up under the table, sitting on a sticky, wet bar or god knows where cause for the last 10 minutes our eyes have been on the ‘tall, dark and handsome' at the end of the bar. I bet, like me, you don’t really know where you’re your handbag is half the time.

Considering what is in our bags ... we are risking a lot! Have you ever added up the cost of replacing the content of your handbag?

... From your purse (full of cash on a good day), credit cards, mobile phone, Gucci sunnies, perfume, PDA, make up, keys etc. A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald reported the average cost of replacing your handbag and its content is $4,600 ... If you are anything like me, you will have everything, from a spare pair of flats to a pashmina in case of a cool change in your ‘Chloe’ or as I call it ‘my home away from home’ ... so I hate to think what the ‘above average’ bags content would cost to replace.

Your personal identity and bank accounts are at risk as the information our handbags hold is enough for any thief to take advantage of very quickly.

The time, effort and frustration in replacing all your cards and driver’s licence (damn it; I looked just like Kate Moss in that last photo). However, the most important thing we are risking is our personal belongings that are irreplaceable like photos of our boyfriend, husband, dog, goldfish etc.

While ‘handbag hookers’ can potentially save us a lot of money and hassle, there is even a greater reason for having a ‘hooker’ looking after your handbag ... they are the mostunique, stylish accessory you can have that will not only compliment your handbag but your overall look too.

(To borrow a phrase from Paris H).